PuSh presents acclaimed local, national and international artists and showcases contemporary work that is visionary, genre-bending, starting and original.

The Festival showcases contemporary work that is visionary, genre-bending, startling and original. Outreach activities promote a sense of shared curiosity and renewed appreciation for the role of contemporary art in everyday life, while the Assembly networking event provides practitioners unique opportunities for skills enhancement, increased profile and touring in Canada and abroad.

Must see shows include:


Music on Main (Vancouver)

January 23-25, 2011, 8pm

Heritage Hall

Curated by Music on Main’s David Pay, Terminal City Soundscape focuses our ears–and eyes–on this idea. You’ll experience “All,” an immersive, interdisciplinary collaboration between award-winning filmmaker Mina Shum and Vancouver’s Standing Wave Ensemble, and hear Jocelyn Morlock’s transcendent “Exaudi” with musica intima and cellist Ariel Barnes. Other works include Hildegard Westerkamp’s “Kits Beach Soundwalk” and Barry Truax’s “Riverrun” alongside music by Veda Hille, Bramwell Tovey, Rodney Sharman, and many others.


Company Drift (Zurich)

January 27-29, 8pm

Scotiabank Dance Centre

In sound machine, Company Drift gathers these and other ‘inaudible’ noises and mixes them with dance, theatre, sound and video to exhibit a dreamlike world that is profound and surreal, tragic and witty, and continually surprising. sound machine has been described as a “complex, fascinating piece of visual art,” a “concert–composed by the performers–of gurgles, pops, thumps and songs” and a demonstration of “how the fantastic hides behind the bland


By Rick Maddocks and The Lost Gospel Ensemble.

February 2, 2011, 8pm

Club PuSh

Performance Works, Granville Island

Four singers swig wine and break bread while anxiously awaiting a late guest of honour. The Meal is a funky and theatrical new song cycle by Rick Maddocks, inspired by the Gnostic Gospels and Bunuel’s film The Exterminating Angel. This premiere performance by The Lost Gospel Ensemble features musicians from a host of local indie bands, including The Beige, Fond of Tigers, and The Nautical Miles.

The Lost Gospel Ensemble is: Lucien Durey (vocals), Sean Fulton (keyboards), Jody Glenham (vocals), Stephen Lyons (drums), Rick Maddocks (composer/vocals), Corbin Murdoch (vocals); Jon Wood (bass/lap steel).

Check out the calendar of the PuSh festival, Jan 18 – Feb 6, 2011 in various venues in Vancouver!