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Culinary Visit to Victoria

“FoodTrip” is a culinary focussed trip where I visit food areas of interest which include restaurants, cafes, bakeries and/or other places such as wineries, distilleries, chocolatiers and more that people can visit...

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Fol Epi Bakery in Victoria

A few months while on a culinary trip to Victoria, I spent the morning at the Fol Epi Bakery. Cliff the head baker and owner started baking when he was 19 and never thought he would have his own bakery, previously he opened Wild...

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Touring Driftwood Brewery

While visiting Victoria recently I met up with Gary Lindsay who is the Purveyor of Precious Liquids for Driftwood Brewery who then gave me a tour of their brewery. Founded in the spring of 2008, Driftwood Brewing Company is a...

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Janice Mansfield talks Bitters

Janice Mansfield is the woman behind House Made Bitters in Victoria, BC  hand crafted in small batches, with the finest ingredients. These bitters are used by bartenders to make their cocktails. Each bitter has an alchohol base...

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Victoria Taste

Taste uncorks Thursday July 15, 2010 with an evening tasting of more than 100 British Columbia wines and local cuisine prepared by top Vancouver Island chefs.  Not just a wine festival, Taste is a culinary tourism experiences...

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