Shawn Soole | Victoria

What drew you to Bartending?

I was a handyman at a hotel when I was 17, they asked me to come in to help out while  I was living in Brisbane, Australia. From there I worked up and down the coast in Australia for 10 years, then moved to Canada and worked in Victoria for the past 5 years.

What goes into creating a new cocktail? What inspires you?

Just think about a new flavour I had when I was a kid. Such as Earl Grey and the goes from there working backwards to the beginning.

Shawn mixes up a few of his signature cocktails:


1)    Managua

  • Nicagaragua Rum
  • Averna amuro
  • Boker’s bitters
  • Flamed orange garnish


If you weren’t a bartender, what would you be doing?

Criminal Psychologist

What is you cocktail program like at Clive’s Classic Lounge?

50 cocktails that are pretty varied –Lungo Italiano, Bar Keep’s creations, Intense Idealogy, barrel aged cocktails. Tiki Punches (in the summer), Classic Tiki’s & Anji-Sticks, Quintessiantial series, spirit flights and spirits Cocktails.


2)    Cannibal’s Campfire

  • Mount Gay rum
  • Islay Whiskey
  • Earl Grey Tea Syrup
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Ice

Canables Campfire

Who are your mentors?

  • Angus Winchester
  • Phillip Duff
  • Gary Reagan

Tell us about Clive’s Classic Lounge, what type of drinks do you showcase?

House mixology -50 cocktails on the menu, European style hotel lobby bar from the 1920’s that is defined


3)    The Humbolt

  • Oaken Gin (Victoria Spirits)
  • House made Chai Tea bitters
  • Sugar syrup


The Humbolt

What is your Favourite Drink right now?

Sullivan’s Australian Double Cask – single malt whiskey

What is your favourite Bar in the World?

Cure in New Orleans

What is one of the Feature spirits of your bar at Clive’s?

We currently have 75 Whiskey’s and are going to double to 150 later this year.