Paul Curran - Artist

Paul Curran is an artist who currently resides in Vancouver, he uses black and white acrylic paint to recreate images and experiences of a personal nature. His work is based on photographs that he has taken. I talked with him recently at Locus on Main where his latest exhibition is on display about his art, people, the past and the present.

Growing up did you always have an interest in Painting?

Absolutely, I was raised without a tv. My dad is a musician and he studied art in college.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Music and the Middle East are probably my biggest driving forces. The music is energetic in the Middle East and it is not so spacious here.

Tell me about Black, White and everything in between, how do you define this?

I studied art at UBC for the 1st year and one thought stuck with me how little can you paint to to get photo realism, but a lot of it has to do with shadows. A lot of the inspirations comes from Inkblot – there is a bit of abstraction in my paintings.

What is the ONE lasting impression you want to leave in your paintings?

I want to invoke some sort of emotion.

How would you describe your style of painting?

It’s usually mono chrome color blocking.

What inspired you to paint the Yemen Echoes collection?

I am in love with the Yemenite culture, in particular the Yemen Jews. Elements of the era 3000 years ago are in their culture. The music especially, the intensity, whether in the food, the language I try to capture is in the art.

What lead you to painting the collection of Transit in Black and White?

That is where I am now, I am moving away from Vancouver soon, my life is in transit, I grew up with those busses and I wanted to capture the past in the present.

In your travels, which city gives you the most inspiration for your paintings?

Tel Aviv

Is there a gallery, country or city you have always wanted to have an exhibition but have yet to do so?

In Turkey, Yemen or South Spain

What is your favourite cuisine to eat?

Middle Eastern or Avocado Sushi

What are your favourite dishes to eat either in Vancouver or anywhere in the world you have travelled?

Persian Cuisine – meat heavy, imaginative appetizers

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to express themselves to paint professionally?

Look inward not outward, don’t look at what everyone else is doing, you have to be unique and put your own spin on things.