John Ferrie’s love for Vancouver is the keynote of his newest painting collection, appropriately named “Red Skies”. He presented it at his studio on East 2nd Avenue, with the attendance of friends, onlookers, art lovers, and media representatives.

The collection consists of several pieces depicting some of Vancouver’s most prominent landmarks, all of which lie under a deep red sky. The paintings, of course, are beyond simple portraits of the city: They all have John Ferrie’s own particular artist touch, which give life and feeling to each of his paintings. That way, iconic buildings such as the BC Place, the City Hall, Tinseltown and The Lookout, just to name a few, get life through the slightly surrealist style of Ferrie – and of course, always under an imponent red sky.

But why should skies be red? About this collection, John Ferrie explained to Taste and Sip that the red colour is unpredictable, is different and unusual, which provides an interesting twist of other portraits of Vancouver. As for the specific landmarks chosen for his work, Ferrie explains that “Vancouver is always changing”, and so are the buildings of the city, “it is important to capture them before they are torn down”.

Of course, Red Skies is only one of the projects in the mind of Ferrie. After the success of Red Skies, Ferrie is already working in other projects that include paintings of other cities like Calgary, Toronto and San Francisco. Whether he will surprise us by covering them in red skies is a mystery for now, but we look forward to finding out when the upcoming collections are ready.