The Vancouver Art Gallery’s enormously popular FUSE will light up the night from 8pm-1am on November 9th . Inspired by artist Ian Wallace’s work titled My Heroes in the StreetsFUSE will channel the language of the street through movement, music and performance throughout the galleries.

Performers at the November 2012 FUSE include:

  • Contemporary dance artist Justine Chambers performs work inspired by everyday actions. Chambers was a principal dancer with Desrosiers Dance Theatre and a member of Diavolo Dance Theatre in Los Angeles.
  • Dance duo MACHiNOiSY will bring innovative movement to the Rotunda.
  • Performance collective COaT (Centre of a Tangle) will explore work and ideas of heroism in special performances on the second and fourth floors.
  • Indie rock band In Medias Res will bring an atmospheric vibe to the 4th floor rooftop pavilion. The group has released one EP and two full-length albums, Of What Was (2003) and It Was Warm and Sunny When We First Set Out (2011).

In addition to performances, FUSE-goers can take in the recently opened exhibitions Ian Wallace: At the Intersection between Painting and Photography and Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980.

Since its launch in July 2005, thousands of visitors have gathered at the Gallery for this eclectic adult event. On Friday evenings three times annually, art, live performance, music, DJs, Gallery tours and unexpected surprises have made FUSE Vancouver’s favourite see-and-be-seen event. Admission: $17.50 for adults and free for Gallery Members.