On the Tennis court this play is as much about Tennis as it is about relationships,  it’s a fresh new romantic comedy about mid-20ʼs relationships in the modern world, in this case on the tennis court. It’s all about the learning curve in life and how the guy is going to court the girl and his stumbles and successes along the way.

Tom, a bank marketer played by Noah Casey, is also a tennis player, who meets Beth and uses the game of tennis to get to know her and to attempt to whisk her off her feet. Beth, played by Jen Shirley, is a confident, happy, fun, 20 something year old woman who works as a technical writer and enjoys a hit of tennis on the side. The two hit it off when they first meet at a party, then later on the tennis courts. Throughout the performance the audience is guided to each stage of the relationship from both Tom’s and Beth’s perspectives. Each would receive points as to how they excelled to the next level in the Tennis match and more so the real life relationship.

The show was humourous, witty and well-timed with prop transitions between each of the scenes.