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Who We Are
Taste and Sip Magazine is an online magazine devoted to food, drink, travel, culture and lifestyle.

What We Do
We provide informative, educational, and authoritative content, streaming video, featuring destinations, culinary adventures, interviews with chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and mixologists from around the world.

Unique & Professional Content
We offer top quality content and innovative services to match with your brand. Taste and Sip’s authors are real food and drink experts who are fountains of knowledge and are not afraid to tell it how it is.

Campaign Customisability & Flexibility
Taste and Sip can create highly-customized, multi-featured campaigns, tailored to your advertising objectives. We can reallocate budget mid-flight, swap creative, adjust share of voice, increase exposure and handle most campaign requests. We also implement quickly while providing our clients with the highest level of service.

High-value Audience
Taste and Sip’s audience is educated, tech-savvy, cash-rich yet time-poor. They eat and drink to discover and enrich their lives and are willing to pay for quality. When on our website, our audience is in the buying cycle, actively researching and planning their next culinary journey.

Competitive & Flexible Pricing
We offer flexible and competitive pricing. Media plans can be structured on either a monthly or yearly flat fee or sponsorship basis.

Target Your Ideal Customer
Targeting is an important part of advertising strategy. We can integrate your brand into our food and drink content at any level. You capitalise on the social network and we complete the marketing circle by enabling the purchase of product either on our own site or yours.

We offer the following ad products:
Traditional Ads
Prominently feature your property on our home page, and other feature pages with leaderboards, banners, adboxes and sidebars. Your brand will be front and centre.

Sponsor a contest and get your customer to actively engage with your brand. Utilizing a variety of Social Media platforms that include Twitter, Facebook and others to promote the contests will provide you with strategic promotion and brand awareness.

Audio and Video Ads
Speak to the digital generation by sponsoring an MP3 walking tour, podcast or streaming video on our site. Clickable pre/post plate and roll are available.

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