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As a part of the Chutzpah! Festival, “Goodness” presented a story about a reporter, Michael Redhill (Paul Braunstein) in a transitional stage of his life. Just recently divorced, Michael decides to take some time off...

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Chelsea Hotel

Sitting through Leonard Cohen’s powerful and inspirational musical “Chelsea Hotel” was a joyous experience that I had recently. It was rock operaesque, an illusory world full of enchantment, desire, passion and love. Haunted by...

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Trouble in Tahiti: A One-Act Opera

As the name suggests, Trouble in Tahiti is a one-act opera. Inspired in the homonymous play composed by Leonard Bernstein (the creator of West Side Story), it tells the story of Sam and Dinah, a Vancouverite couple with regular...

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Mambo Italiano

Last week I took in this wonderful play that had me laughing throughout. Canadian playwright Steve Galluccio’s hugely successful play Mambo Italiano has a great cast, lead by the astonishing Susan Bertoia who plays “Maria” who...

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