Sitting through Leonard Cohen’s powerful and inspirational musical “Chelsea Hotel” was a joyous experience that I had recently. It was rock operaesque, an illusory world full of enchantment, desire, passion and love.

Haunted by memories of his tumultuous love life, a Writer checks into New York’s infamous Chelsea Hotel desperate to find the words and inspiration for his next song. Wading through past relationships, he reluctantly comes face to face with the love of the present, a love he wishes he could not just forget, but erase from his memory.

Chelsea Hotel has a wonderful local cast that includes Rachel Aberle, Lauren Bowler, Steve Charles, Benjamin Elliott, Marlene Ginader and Adrian Glynn McMorran. Each member of the cast plays an instrument, sings and acts in this riveting fusion of music, dance, and theatre. Taking the audience on an illusionary journey into the hotel room and creative mind of a Writer in search of the right words to cure love’s pain.

This show is a must see and it is on stage at the Firehall Arts Centre through March 3rd.