During the Dancing on the Edge Festival I had the opportunity to see a few dance performances including Edge One on Friday July 8th which was a compilation performance featuring choreographer Josh Beamish and his MOVE: the company with their “Allemande”, a work for six dancers that exists as a physical deconstruction of a Bach Cello suite and the accompanying social dances of the Baroque era. It was a moving work that I very much enjoyed.

I also saw the North American premiere production of Quiet on Saturday July 9th with renowned Israeli choreographer Arkadi Zaides. This powerful piece arose in light of the growing violence and mistrust between communities in Israel, constantly subjected to states of shock never allowing the space needed for reflection, and for change.  It creates a place where it is safe to let one’s demons out and set them free; where a broad perspective is sought and where trust is continuously built. Palestinians and Israelis, actors and dancers, nourished the process. The four characters in the piece reveal a landscape which contains aggression, compassion, confusion and yearning for a place that is quiet.  A very informative and active Q & A followed which allowed the audience to ask questions to the actors and to learn about their moving production along with the feelings and hurt that people feel.