I saw three wonderful shows in this years Chutzpah Festival which was their 14th year of showcasing world-renowned artists in a vibrant celebration of the performing arts.



The first featured LA-based BODYTRAFFIC who presented 3 different works, that featured a World Premiere by Hofesh Shector and a Canadian Premiere by Richard Siegal and Barak Marshall. I enjoyed each of the works as each was so different, this was an accomplished dance company with skilled dancers, great costuming and astounding energy.

Uri Gurvitch

The only musician that I was able to see during this years festival was the Internationally-celebrated  saxophone virtuoso Uri Gurvich and his Ensemble BabEl (Israel/US). His group performed a couple of stellar sets at the Vancouver Fanclub filling the club with brass infused beats.

ImPerfect Dancers

Lastly I enjoyed seeing ImPerfect Dancers (Italy) on stage at the Rothstein Theatre where they presented one world premiere “The Unseen Garden” as well as two Canadian premieres, “Makom” and “Istante” again each of the works was beautifully orchestrated.