Seeing the Brazilian dance sensation Grupo Corpo at DanceHouse was quite the treat. They presented two new works in a two night run on February 7 & 8th.. The first was playful, fun, with vibrant music, colourful coordinated of stage backgrounds and costumes. Called the work,Ímã, which means magnet, takes inspiration from the law of magnetism. Dancers passionately entwine and separate with poetic polarities.


The 2nd was Sem Mim, meaning without me, “tattooed” dancers merge the rhythm of the sea with the music of medieval Portuguese-Galician chants. Beautiful costumes, well developed dance movements, beautiful net bouncing from ceiling to floor, beautiful music all around.

Founded by brothers Paulo and Rodrigo Pederneiras in 1975, Grupo Corpo was a response to the identity crisis Brazil was undergoing at the time. Then—as now—ballet predominated in the country’s dance academies. Rodrigo Pederneiras, who himself trained in ballet under a lead dancer of Les Ballets Russes, wanted to develop a typically Brazilian dance which, beyond the wounds and contributions of colonialism, reflected the country’s distinct personality. Based in Belo Horizonte, far from the influence of Rio de Janeiro, the company enjoys great artistic freedom, outside the European traditions.

This was the second time this group has performed in Vancouver also presented by DanceHouse by the audience reaction this surely won’t be the last we see of them.