While visiting Victoria recently I met up with Gary Lindsay who is the Purveyor of Precious Liquids for Driftwood Brewery who then gave me a tour of their brewery.

Founded in the spring of 2008, Driftwood Brewing Company is a rapidly expanding microbrewery which focuses on using quality, local ingredients to brew fresh beers in the tradition of classic world styles. Their emphasis on quality and tradition have made them a favourite among beer connoisseurs throughout BC.

Gary showed me the barrels of hops and yeast and explained the beer making process, I met Mason Meyer who is the Brewmaster as they were working on production of one of their fine ales. They bottle the beers 2-3 times per week, 5 of their beers are available year round.

I asked if they are going to be producing a Pumpkin Ale this fall and the answer was pretty much a no, it is not a beer that you will ever see us produce as Gary explained. Our Sartori Harvest IPA is the only one we produce in the fall, it is their Harvest beer.

A couple of their other popular beers include the White Bark a Belgian Bit with coriander and orange peel; as well as their at Tug a Northwest-American IPA.

You can visit Driftwood Brewery online at http://driftwoodbeer.com/home/