Lovestruck is a twisted romantic comedy with hints of acidity and dark humour, in a blend that results very enjoyable to the audience. The storyline goes around the story of a young man who is deeply interested in translating the Necronomicon, a book containing magic spells and black energy in itself. But this does not impede him of having a love relationship with his nurse girlfriend, captivating the love of her roommate, and gaining attention from villains who are willing to do anything to steal the copy of the Necronomicon from his hands.

Lovestruck is quite unique to the fringe in that it is one of the few plays that require occasional changes of scenery, which are harmoniously coordinated to minimize any disruptions of the play. Also, it relies on simple but effective special audio and visual effects to boost the experience of the audience, which makes from the 70 minutes that the show lasts a wholesome theatre experience.

The play is beautifully starred by actors Fiona Revill, Chris Schonfeldt, Kirsten Kilburn, David Quast and Aslam Husain, and is produced by Red Square Collective.  The play was part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.