In a great display of dancing, music, lights and hidden messages, Les Petites Taquines (a dancing group formed by Andrea Loewen, Francine Dulong, Jackie Faulkner and Linsy Rotar) performed at the Pacific Theatre from August 4 to August 6, 2011, an enigmatic play that from its very name, When I was, qui je suis, leads the audience into a whirlwind of questions and interpretations about this work.

With the help of dancing, contemporary music, light effects and pieces of mute acting, Les Petites Taquines do a great job in wowing the audience with their well coordinated dancing moves, which are beautifully topped with their acting talents. They tell a story that involves girls, flowers, sad and happy moments that mix well together on stage.

The storyline in itself is tough to define. This is a good thing, however, since that precisely appears to be the intention with which this play was created: It allows its audience to draw its own conclusions.

The morale of this play, is that dancing is also a valid artistic expression when the trick is to tell a complex story. When I was, qui je suis is a theatre play that certainly proves that: A work based on pure music and dancing, with zero spoken dialogues, that harmoniously tells a story that can be subject to a number of different interpretations.