I took in this play online last night from the comforts of home. it’s an An Affair of Honor Production presented by Presentation House Theatre in association with the PHT Creative Hub Cooperative.

Each of the actors are masked and although this makes for safer environment during the current covid pandemic it would have been better to be able to see each of their faces during the production. The production is based on an ancient action adventure in this daring tale of mortals and gods. With the ongoing onslaught of the Trojan War, tensions between the Greek Gods come to a head. Ares and Athena, two Gods of War, vent their frustrations by playing with the lives, deaths, and sanities, of two mortal Warrior-Queens.

This original story flashes across eras and fight styles, providing a dazzling display of fighting prowess and ability, interspersed with the modern, lively banter of the Gods.

You can watch this show online through to April 17, purchase your tickets here.