Solo Collective Theatre proudly presents the world premiere of Cool Beans by Anton Lipovetsky, a romantic musical comedy involving identity crises, hipsters, wannabes and a coffee shop. Directed by Rachel Peake, with music direction by Mishelle Cuttler, Cool Beans features Jay Clift, Gili Roskies, Katey Hoffman and Josh Epstein, and is designed by John Webber and Drew Facey. Cool Beans runs from November 21-December 1, 2013 at Performance Works.

In Cool Beans, we meet Meadow (or is it Megan?), and her boyfriend Holden- two hipsters running an organic-only coffee shop, which plays only the most underground records. Everything seems to be as it should be. Or is it? The sudden appearance of Meadow’s ex boyfriend Patrick unsettles the balance and leaves Holden and Meadow (and their friend Andi) scrambling to hold on to who they thought they were- and who they think they should be.

Solo Collective Theatre presents Cool Beans by Anton Lipovetsky | Performance Works (1218 Cartwright St.) Map: November 21st- December 1- 8pm. Tickets: $25/$15. Tickets at