I saw this Holiday favourite last night, virtually from home as they have gone digital this holiday season due to the pandemic.

The Cultch and Theatre Replacement are thrilled to present Panto Come Home!, a live-streamed edition of East Vancouver’s favourite holiday tradition, East Van Panto, running through to December 27.

Many of the songs were from the original production years ago and some were redone to align with this year’s pandemic and such. I loved the Sweet Caroline song; along with the new Corona Rules with a catchy tune; then there were other songs that followed; BC Ferries, Chef and food song about cheeses, Phanto, Silent night, Fly guy, and Our house.

In 2020’s Panto Come Home! Theatre Replacement’s Artistic Directors James Long and Maiko Yamamoto sneak into the York to find the very sad pyjama clad Veda Hille parked at her piano. Seems she’s moved into the theatre and has been spending her days trying to relive Panto memories of old. In an attempt to cheer her up they call up a bunch of Panto friends to sing and dance the East Van Panto hits. Things go sideways fast when the Phanto of the Panto swoops in. He’s been watching these things ever since Jack and the Beanstock opened the York eight years ago, and has a few choice ideas of his own.

Get tickets for performances running now thru December 27, 2020 virtually online here.

By: Richard Wolak