Tag: Vancouver Fringe Festival

Playing for Advantage

On the Tennis court this play is as much about Tennis as it is about relationships,  it’s a fresh new romantic comedy about mid-20ʼs relationships in the modern world, in this case on the tennis court. It’s all about the...

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Whiskey Bars

In the small theatre  “Whiskey Bars” played to a packed house as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.  This was a well-played out one man show by Playwright and actor Bremner Duthie who has a big, bold voice. It’s about an...

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Trouble in Tahiti: A One-Act Opera

As the name suggests, Trouble in Tahiti is a one-act opera. Inspired in the homonymous play composed by Leonard Bernstein (the creator of West Side Story), it tells the story of Sam and Dinah, a Vancouverite couple with regular...

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Lovestruck is a twisted romantic comedy with hints of acidity and dark humour, in a blend that results very enjoyable to the audience. The storyline goes around the story of a young man who is deeply interested in translating...

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Why Weight?

Running at The Cultch as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival this tragicomedy is a one-man (or more appropriately said, one-woman) show. The only character, Maddie, is beautifully played by Hazel Venzon. With a quite dark...

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