I talked with Marlon Williams this past summer at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival outdoors in Jericho Beach Park and talked with him about his music and becoming an Internationally recognized performer, here is what he had to say.

Between the last time you were here and this time, are there Any changes in your musical direction?

Yes since then I have recorded another album, I am exploring a whole lot more since I was there, last time I was the Vancouver International folk festival I went straight from the airport right to the festival stage and played with Richard Thompson

Since the last festival where have you been?

I have been in Berlin for the past couple of months, but I am based in New Zealand. Only came to Vancouver from Berlin, I thought it was a great place to be for awhile, going to be in London to direct my music video, then I am going to New York to perform.

When were you discovered, do you have some type of voice training?

It was early on for me from the age of 11 I became blind to everything but singing, I joined the Cathedral choir in university singing, I started to write my own songs.

Do you usually have a band backing you up?

For the Folk Festival here I have a backup band, normally a band from New Zealand backs me and play with me when on tour.

What inspires to write the music you are writing currently?

I didn’t write any songs since I was last hear until last Christmas, I went through a breakup and then I wrote 15/16 songs which are part of the next new album which will be out in February.

Do you perform back home much?

Yes, I have been doing some festivals over there, since recording the album I have been waiting for everything to get underway.

Are there any musicians you want to perform with that you haven’t done so yet?

Yes there are so many people I want to sing with, there are couple for sure such as John Grant and Willie Nelson.

Who gave you your first break?

When I made the move from New Zealand to Melbourne in 2013 (because of my manager), I then had all of Australia booked then playing at the Sydney Opera House that was a pretty watershed moment.

Are you living in Australia currently?

Well not exactly, in Berlin for now, we will see where I go to next.

Where did you see your music going?

I follow my nose and see a trail of things that are exciting me, making things melodically interesting.