In preparation for the band’s forthcoming Chutzpah Festival show at the Norman Rothstein Theater in Vancouver on February 19. I interviewed Jessica Stuart of The Jessica Stuart Few and asked her a variety of questions that covered music, and more music. I have known Jessica for over 20 years and enjoyed this interview.

Toronto-based trio The Jessica Stuart Few. Fit to groove through the bounds of all parameters, Jessica Stuart embodies the essence of pop and jazz, creating a dynamic sound, merging outstanding creativity with traditional roots. With innovative and catchy songs, The Jessica Stuart Few consists of Jessica Stuart (vocals, guitar, koto), Tyler Emond (bass) and Nico Dann (drums).

How did it come about that your band is opening for Jaffa Road in Vancouver?

I contacted the Chutzpah Festival a year ago and then it just happened.

What is the Music style of The Jessica Stuart Few?

Jazz influenced art pop

Do you write the music?

I write lots of the music myself.

How long has the Jessica Stuart Few been together?

Since 2007

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

Yes I always did, I got side-tracked for a while in fashion (managing a clothing store) but came back to music in 2007 when I moved to Toronto from Victoria, my intention at that time was to get my music career started.

How many concerts will you be involved in 2011?

With the Jessica Stuart Few about 50-60 concerts all over Canada

What are your other Musical projects?

Vocal Jazz – with a 6 person vocal group performing jazz standards and Georgian music

Hip Hop Group – with Jeff Speck plays guitar & vocals

Singing in a choir – Contemporary/Classics 8 voice group

As well as a few other projects

What’s in store for the concert at the Chutzpah Festival in Vancouver?

Will feature the Koto – a 13 string Japanese instrument, along with traditional jazz band with electric guitar

What do you like to do in your off time?

Outside time, playing hacky sack in the park, attending community events.

The Jessica Stuart Few plays the Norman Rothstein Theatre as part of the Chutzpah Festival in Vancouver on February 19 at 8pm see for details.