My Turquoise Years

My Turquoise Years is the story of a girl growing up in Canada in the years after the war – a story that many Canadians growing up in the 60’s could easily relate to.

The main character, a teenager named Marion (Bridget Esler), tells her story of growing in Cordova Bay in a rather disfunctional family. In fact, her family is not a typical family at all – much of her growing up is marked by the notably distant relationship of Marion with her mother, Nancy, whom has built a very independent life abroad and well away from her daughter. This distance has awaken in Marion feelings of indifference towards her mother.

This odd relationship leads Marion to move with her aunt Elsie (Wendy Noel) and uncle (Peter Anderson), who act as her de-facto mother and father. However, when the couple hear the news of the upcoming visit of Nancy to Canada, they pressure Marion into accepting Nancy and her family reality with arms wide open, which causes in Marion a series of internal conflict and leads to extravagant, yet comical situations.

This play is based on the real story of author Marion Farrant, which adds a plenty of detail to the storyline. Also remarkable is the fact that the play makes use of vintage props and scenarios, which adds to the setting and reality of the story and  allows the audience to immerse themselves in an era where a few had the opportunity to grow and enjoy.

Members of the cast cast include David Marr, Wendy Noel, Dawn Peten, and Michael Rinaldi. This production is directed by Rachel Ditor.