The night of July 6, 2012, was not an ordinary night at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was a night full of magic, workshops, music, dance, and (of course) arts. It was a night to celebrate FUSE.

Since its inception in 2005, Fuse has earned a respected reputation among the artistic community of Vancouver. Taking place a couple of times a year, this party night is dedicated to celebrate the modern arts in a variety of ways: music, dance, films, live performances, and photography exhibitions are among the array of activities that year after year delight art connoisseurs and amateurs. Fuse has evolved to become one of the most refined summer events in the city, and certainly one of the most prominent ones dedicated to the arts.

This summer’s Fuse went along the lines of preceding versions. Some of the highlights of the most recent Fuse included sense-touching live performances by dancer Noam Gagnon, performances by artists Elizabeth Milton and Tara Travis, and several interactive workshops for attendees that included handicrafts, dancing and acting. The night was also crowned by food and beverage options, offering a limited but delectable selection of wines and beers, as well as signature food from the Gallery Cafe.

Fuse is an extraordinary treat to the five senses, and a must-see event for art lovers in Vancouver.