There is an exciting Shakespeare play on now through the end of the summer under the big tent at Vanier Park and it is a breath of fresh air. The cast is going to whisk you off your feet and take you on a journey that mixes in songs from the Beattles and so much more. I loved this show and had no idea what to expect, it takes the traditional story off in a wonderful and surprising direction.

It’s the 1960s all over again, and free spirits are escaping from Vancouver to get “back to the land”. This joyful tribute to love, laughter and music features two-dozen classic Beatles songs, from “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to “Here Comes the Sun”, performed live on stage.

The story starts off with a wrestling match set in the 1960s in Vancouver. Dame Frances, a powerful business owner, has taken control of the family firm and forced her sister, Dame Senior, to leave town. She permits her sister’s daughter, Rosalind, to stay because of Rosalind’s close friendship with her own daughter Celia.

de Boys, who manages a champion wrestler named Charles, argues with his younger brother Orlando. Orlando is angry that Oliver has mistreated him and held back his inheritance since their father died. Orlando decides to wrestle for his fortune. At the match, he meets Rosalind and they fall instantly in love.

Then, Dame Frances orders Rosalind to leave Vancouver, as she no longer trusts her. Rosalind and Celia decide to run away to the Okanagan forest. Rosalind disguises herself as a young man, Ganymede, and Celia becomes Aliena, his sister. Touchstone, a family employee, goes with them.

Meanwhile, Adam, a longtime de Boys employee, warns Orlando that Oliver plans to have him killed. They also escape to the Okanagan.

In the forest, Ganymede (Rosalind) and Aliena (Celia) meet Silvius and Corin, two local farmers, and arrange to buy a farm.

Nearby, Orlando and Adam stumble upon Dame Senior, the exiled sister of Dame Frances, and her companions, who take them in.

And it goes on and then it ends with a rendition of “all you need is love”

Get advance tickets and go and see this production before it ends September 30.