Staircase Equity Collective presents the British Columbia premiere of Cocktails at Pam’s -a real time cocktail party gone horribly wrong.  Pam was always the perfect hostess — until the night there were more floral arrangements than suitable vases, the divorcee didn’t want her canapé and the guests formed charade teams and began to have cheap, competitive fun. Cocktails at Pam’s is directed by Stephen Heatley, designed by Jessie-Award winning Lauchlin Johnston and Christina Dao and boasts some of Vancouver’s finest talent, including: Anousha Alamian,Sebastien Archibald, Yoshie Bancroft, Georgia Beaty, Daniel Deorksen, Brent Hirose, Stefania Indelicato,  Shauna Johannesen, Liz Kirkland, Maryanne Renzetti, and Joanna Williams.  Cocktails at Pam’s runs November 13-30, 2013 at Studio 1398.

Being the perfect hostess is not easy, it’s a fine art of pearls and gowns, repartee and knowing the difference between the maid and the cook. But Pam believes she has everything under control- until the unthinkable happens. Will she hold it together? Will her brother successfully pick up the cute, young actress? Will her best friends, Sara and Virgil, actually make it through the night without a full make-out session in the middle of the party? You’ll need to see it to find out.

Staircase Equity Collective presents Cocktails at Pam’s by Stewart Lemoine, directed by Stephen Heatley | Venue: Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright St. @ Granville Island. | Map:| Tickets: $20/$15 | Box Office:|Run: November 13-30, 2013| PWYC