Joe graduated from Killarney High School in Vancouver, and had his sights set on being a radio DJ from a young age. He began his professional radio career in 1977, then moved to television (at UTV) in 1994. Columbia Academy Broadcast graduate; CFCP Courtenay; CFUN Vancouver 1980s; music director/p.m. drive then mornings CHRX Vancouver 1988-94; weekend weather Citytv CKVU-TV Vancouver current; Vancouver Province Air Traffic columnist late 1990s-2005

Joe currently holds down the Morning Sports anchor role on Vancouver’s Flagship Sports radio station, TEAM 1040. Prior to returning to radio full-time in 2006, he co-hosted ‘The Jenn and Joe Show on CFUN.

Joe also writes feature sports profiles for the BC Lions and Vancouver Canadians, files a weekly music interview for 24 HRS Newspaper `24 Seconds With`featuring local and international musicians, contributes the bi-monthly ‘Hot Sheet’ page for Vancouver View as well as offer his insights and various musings in his weekly ‘Joe Biz Blog’ for TV WEEK Magazine’s online edition,  He also writes feature stories for Wineries Refined Magazine, Joe can also be heard in several capacities around the radio dial, including his popular ‘Just Here for the Beer Radio Show’ on AM 650.

I have known Joe for the past couple of years, he often joins me for some dining adventures and I host the SIP & TASTE feature on his Just Here for the Beer Radio Show on AM650. He joined me for brunch at Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar. 

What got you into Radio, specifically hosting radio shows?

It was all I ever wanted to do. I have 2 older sisters who grew up in top 40 radio, I was always fascinated by the guys who played the music. I did radio then I did tv, I was a tv weatherman at City tv for 13 years, in 2006 they let everyone go across the country. Then I pursued an interest and became a radio host with Jennifer Thomson “The Jenn & Joe Show” on CFUN from 2006-2010.

Tell me who some of your most notable guests that you have interviewed on your shows over the years ?

  • Don Rickles
  • Bill Cosby
  • Joan Rivers
  • Meatloaf
  • Lady Gaga (on her first visit to Vancouver at the Mirage night club in Surrey).

I imagine you have had some amazing situations on your shows, tell us about one of the most unique ones!

Anytime you get politically correct – used a talk show to sound off

LG 73 –suicidal kid called up, I wanted to help out and I never thought the outcome would be as it was.

What do you want your listeners to learn if you will from your show each day?

That I am no better or worse than them, but I am fortunate to have the vehicle to share the information. I hope more people who listen to me say he “is an ok guy”

You recently embraced Social Media, how different would your radio broadcasting career have been if you had been able to utilize Social Media over the years?

Knowing how obsessed I have become for twitter, and my compassion – I would have had over a million followers by now. It gives me so much insight on people now.

What is your favourite food?

Penne Marinara with chorizo sausage – and spicier the better.

What are your favourite restaurant inside and outside Vancouver?


  • Hy’s Encore
  • Gotham Steakhouse
  • The Mongolian Grill


Romana Pizza – Burnaby

What do you do in your off time?

  • Huge college football fan
  • Collector of CD’s – I have over 7500 CD’s in my collection
  • Collector of Liquor Mini’s – I have over 5000 from all over the world in all sizes.

What made you start Collecting Liquor Mini’s?

An episode of Curb your Enthusiasm with Larry David, there was a porn star episode where there was a selection of mini’s and I thought I have to do this and I did.

How far in advance do you plan your shows?

Radio is ever evolving, but things change all the time.

How did your Sports radio show on Team 1040 Radio come to be?

Radio 1410 that I was on previously went down and they killed the format. Radio 1040 then came to me and offerened me a job to host the morning sports show.

How and why did you start your Beer show on Just Here for the Beer Radio on AM 650?

My friend the late Colin Jack was a beer expert and I wanted to tap into his knowledge and profit from it. Because there was no show like it across the country, the radio station jumped and said lets do it.

What kind of trips do you like?

Short trips, and 4 days is the best.

How did you get started doing voice overs?

It’s an inherit part of the job, part of the salary I get paid is to do production, and commercials is part of it, and that’s how I was able to start.

Do you come from a broadcasting family?

Not at all, a working middle class union family.

Where was a recent trip?

Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

Who are your mentors?

  • Red Robinson
  • Terry David Mulligan
  • Dave McCormick

Were there any guests on any of your shows that surprised you in a good or bad way?

  1. Gilbert Gottfried – most tasteless comedian on the air, he was talking about having sex with midgets and mentally challenged people. He was like this on air every time (off the air he was normal).
  2. Chubby Checker – who created the Twist. My co-host called his invention of the Twist a fad, he took it to great exception to what she said. To this date we both regarded him as the biggest asshole guest we ever had.

What’s next for you or what’s on the horizon?

More paid programming radio shows. Hopefully one with you (Richard Wolak) and I.