Can you tell me your music where did it originate?

My music is a mix me of Cameroonian background where I grew up and mix with all the influences, I had during all my tour I’m living in France actually I grew up in Cameroon I’m really curious and I’m listening to different artists.

When I’m trying to compose and to create an album is just a mix between all the influences and also the view of the music at the moment, I’m recording so for me it’s a kind of independent indie Afro pop this is how I can call it.

Well today you were talking about water, and you were talking about your new album which is based on water yeah can you kind of go into bit more than depth about that.

Yeah for me I really think that we’re living in the same global space and our borders I think the nature don’t care about the borders human being decided to create it you know that this is my country this is mine and we’re living in the same stone and so the nature don’t care about it and for me is we because we are condemned to live together each of us has to think about how.

He can contribute to make a better life to bring every human being never mind where he’s living could be living in a beautiful way and as soon as I was thinking about this for me the most I understood that if you want to be living in this beautiful global space the nature gave us for nothing it’s really important to understand that as.

Human being we are just living element as water as birds as trees and etcetera and from this we have to understand that every human being it’s really important and every human living element is really important to the surviving of everyone how can I bring this history to the people I wanted to to bring it into an album talking about water but not.

Just for what about water but water as one of important living element what is living independently but also living inside every living element we can have 75% of human being are made of water what we can you have the same percent percentage in animals in in trees in every living element so thinking talking about water for me was an opportunity.

To remind the human being the population that how could we play our role what is contributed to make all the living chain amazing how we can make it live in a beautiful way because every living element it’s important to the surviving of everyone so that’s why I’ve decided to to to make a tribute to water and also because sometime you know.

Not sometimes but I think that I really think that arts it’s really important because it could help population people even they don’t they’re not ready to talk about some subject even they don’t care but with art it’s possible to talk about within with poetry and to go inside to connect to the human the other human being and bring an information that’s why for me I’m trying to use also my hearts like one of.

Like a target what could connect to the other people to the other human being and bring beautiful information.

So how do you how has your music changed from when you started your career to now?

At the beginning I think I was as I raised in Cameroon, and I was the influences was coming from the traditional music living in Cameroon like we could see.

Marcosa Asiko in the beginning I was more influencing with those music what have a lot of rhythm and slowly I started doing a work on myself like human being asking to myself how do I want to leave what is my contribution to the world how do I want it to be etcetera and I finally understood that if I want to bring an information.

I have to remove a lot of things and finally give just use my voice like vehicle to bring information and to connect to the others so slowly I start removing a lot of things that’s why you can see today that in my music sometimes you don’t you don’t have a lot of instrument you don’t have I think sometimes just with my guit and my vocal the message is clear so I’m trying today.

To make music with less things less element and to go straight with the with the most information what is my voice.

I noticed on stage I mean most of the people here don’t understand French when you were in Quebec everybody would have understand French but your music was beautiful so for people who don’t understand you and they’re just kind of humming along what do you get from that.