Rob Rainford is a professionally-trained Canadian Chef, who was born in Jamaica and grew up in downtown Toronto, surrounded by the smells of sizzling grills. He graduated from George Brown College and his professional career has taken him all over the world. Rob was host of the wildly popular Food Network TV show, License to Grill (which aired in Canada, the USA, Australia, Africa and Asia), and has spent the last two years perfecting his signature style, The Rainford Method, unveiled in this book “Born to Grill”. Rob has always loved mastering the challenges that unravel when working with a wider variety of foods, but his one true love has always been the grill.

Would You Say that you specialize in cooking on a Grill?

One of the things I am known for. I do have a restaurant, I had to learn on a grill station when becoming a chef.

What got you into cooking?

In grade 9 cooking class in high school (Central Tech), I loved it, but my father talked me into it. When I was 26 I enrolled in George Brown college then got into working in a restaurant. Started at a hotel as a cook and afterwards …. I never looked back!

What is “The Rainford Method” ?

What I would consider, deconstructing the recipe and simplifying, spark your grill, how to cook, what your cooking, helping people grab their attention.

In your book “Born to Grill”, one chapter is devoted to Finding new Flavours for Fish, tell us about this chapter

Fish is the nemesis about any good cook, part of my travels to Asia, they know how to use flavours in fish. Simple ingredients that you can find around the house.

How did your Food Network TV Show “License to Grill” come about?

I did another show “Cook Like a Chef” with Ned Bell first, then I was approached by the producer that’s how “License to Grill” came about.

What 3 Ingredients would we find in your Home pantry?

Herbs – rosemary and thyme

Spices – cayenne, chili, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika

Brown Sugar

When eating out in restaurants what type of food do you like to eat?

Pub grub including wings

Have you ever owned your own restaurant?

Yes, I have a restaurant called Gossip in Toronto

What’s Next on your Culinary Journey?

To make this restaurant a success, teach at George Brown part time.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From everything I do, my travels, conversing with other chefs, I am a visual-spacial learner.

What is your favourite food that you cook at home?

Surf & Turf – beef tenderloin with lobster tail

Which 3 wines do you enjoy personally?

1)    Chardonnay

2)    Gewurztraminer

3)    Chianti

What 3 beers do you enjoy personally?

1)    Microbreweries

2)    Stout

3)    Kef

If there was one thing you could do as a chef that you have not already done, what would it be?

  • To have global denomination, if it would help some young kids at there, what I would like to do cooking to be world class chefs.
  • Passion and experience take me to the next level.