Bob lives in Whistler and runs BBQ Bob’s, his team – BQ Bob & the Eh! Team  has competed in Barbq competitions across Canada and the United States, his team will be competing at the The first annual Cloverdale Cowboy Cook Off in conjunction with the Cloverdale Rodeo on May 20, 2012.

What got you into cooking?

When I was 14 yrs old I wanted a new bike & my mom said good you can get a job and get your new bike. Since the beginning I enjoyed the work & seemed to be very good at it. My mother also used to hide cauliflower in my mashed potatoes; I lost all trust in peoples cooking and decided I needed to know what was in everything and my quest for food knowledge started.

When did you enter your first Barbq competition and how did you do?

2003 Winthrop WA, we got last or second last in all four categories and we received a participation ribbon.

How did you become a leader in Barbq competitions?

Practice, passion, patience

Going to the world championships in 2005 with Rockin Ronnie and the Buttshredders was an eye opener for me to see how many people are crazy about the Q helped me to get a bit more serious if I was ever to get my own team invited to the world championships.

Which Barbq competitions will you be part of this year?

Cloverdale Rodeo, BC Championships, Nanaimo, Whistler, Calgary, Bbq on the Byepass, Americain Royal in Kansas City & the world championships in Lynchberg Tenn. (if we get drawn)

What have you learned in the world of Barbq competitions?

Write things down so if you win, you can do it again, Jack Daniels is tasty.

What are some of your favorite foods to grill?

Steak, cedar planked brie cheese with berry compote, chicken, bacon mmmmm! bacon

What 5 Ingredients would we find in your Home pantry?

Scotch bonnet peppers, Jack Daniels, garlic, bacon salt and many, many peppers. I also love the white pepper.

When eating out in restaurants what type of food do you like to eat?

Steak, potato and caesar salad

Have you ever owned your own restaurant?

I do right now (I have 4 partners)


We own 3 businesses


Rolands Pub

Rolands cold beer & wine

all are in Whistler’s Creekside

What’s Next on your Culinary Journey?

To sell my sauces & rubs to the people

Where do you get your inspiration?

At the restaurant when people eat my food and love it. When customers come back the next meal and the next day.

What is your favourite food that you cook at home?


Which wines do you enjoy personally?

Cab & Savs

Which beers do you enjoy personally?

Keiths & Kilkenny

If there was one thing you could do as a chef that you have not already done, what would it be?

Have my restaurant franchised