My evening of culinary delight started off at the home of the Bazizi family in North Vancouver, I was invited to join their family and friends to experience a home cooked feast of Persian delights.


We started off with a toast  ‘Salamati’ to the celebratory meal, which was then followed by a buffet of Persian delights.

Trio of Dips

Borani – Spinach Yogurt; Maast-O-Kadu – Zucchini Yogurt and Maast-O-Khiar – Cucumber Yogurt

Ghormeh Sabzi (Stew)

Salad Olovieh (Potato Salad)

Mirza Ghassemi (Eggplant dish)

Tah-Chin (Rice Cake with chicken in the middle)

Tah-Deeg (Crispy bread under rice)

Fessenuoon (light brown stew chicken)

Safron Rice

To end the meal I was served Persian Rose Tea along with a multitude of traditional Persian Sweets.

Shahrzad Matin (left) and Sepi Bazazi (right)

I was graciously hosted by Shahrzad Matin along with her son Sepi Bazazi who invited me to to their home to experience Persian cuisine.

Sweet Sweets

Selection of Persian Sweets

I have had Persian food before but never had any of these traditional dishes. Learn more about Persian foods and culture.