Who ever knew that there is a stage under the Vancouver Playhouse main stage. The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company just launched a new play series that takes place on this downstairs stage which hasn’t been used in over 20 years. I saw Gunmetal Blues recently which was the first play to be held on this stage. It was a hillarious musical spoof of the private eye movies of the 1940’s – that featured Applause! Musicals Society alum Meghan Gardiner with Tom Arntzen & Andrew Wheeler. A musical “stage-noir” of the hard-boiled detective story. It was written by Scott Wentworth with music and lyrics by Craig Bohmler and Marion Adler.

Director, Max Reimer told me about this stage and he couldn’t wait to launch another series of plays. This theatre has only 100 sets, making it small and intimate, there is a bar in the theatre and patrons can drink wine during the performances.

I am already looking forward to their next play that is performed on the downstairs stage known as the Vancouver Playhouse Recital Hall!