Not unlike the unique character of the Vancouver Theatresports League, “Off-White Christmas” is full of the unexpected. And what makes it so unexpected is Theatresports’ very core value: It is a play with no scripts, no rehearsals, and no props whatsoever. It is a play where actors come on the stage and, for a full hour and a half, improvise sketches that frequently require the audience’s input. It is an entirely unique, unpredictable concept that Theatresports has tailored for decades now.

Following Theatresports’ tradition, “Off-White Christmas” will result in a night full of laughter, great time, and a memorable sequence of sketches that will keep the audience entertained every time. The only pre-condition for this production is that the topic of the different sketches must be somehow –however little- related to the topic of Christmas.

An interesting feature of “Off-White Christmas” is the inclusion of improvised songs, which turns the production into a bit of a musical with songs that will take unpredictable twists for both the pianist and the actors – which will result in very creative lyrics and rhymes. This musical improvisation is very noteworthy, as the songs will very often result in beautifully rhymed and adapted pieces that will keep the audience following along in their heads.

Theatresports’ improvised productions is a unique theatre experience that should not be missed. “Off-White Christmas is running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through December 23 at the Improv Centre at 1502 Duranleau Street, on Granville Island.