This group is a powerhouse and pretty much had the crowd in sync from the moment they took the stage. Made up of 9 musicians, this 15 year old collective from Norway is guided by jazz but clearly mixes in electronica, drum’n’bass, prog-rock, classical and free jazz to mix and remix. Martin Horntveth on Drums + drum-machines is the clear leader of this group guiding their every move.

Many of their tunes are long and restless, taking on many turns and directions along the way. To me they reminded me of Phish and there somewhat long sets, but this songs were jazz infused. The theme of the night was reminiscent of slot machines in the background with elements built into the stage set.

This was the first time that I had seen them perform, though they referenced performing in Vancouver several years ago and look forward to coming back again soon. The concert was presented by the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival and was held at Venue in downtown Vancouver on June 25, 2011.