Prospect Winemaker Wade Stark

Happy 125th Anniversary Rogers Chocolates

Rogers’ 125th Anniversary VIP celebrations took place in Vancouver on November 4th at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel where I was in chocolate heaven.  The evening saw MC’s Dawn Chubai and Riaz Meghji introduce musical performances from Vancouver based singer-songwriter Meghan Smith, master chocolate sculptor Fred Dobbs, chocolate painters Sarah Amos and Elizabeth Austin, amazing food and much more. Prospect Winemaker Wade Stark joined the official Vancouver festivities to officially launch the Rogers Icewine Truffles and Icewine Bars.

Rogers Chocolate Fountain

Master Chocolate sculptor Fred Dobbs

The Okanagan Valley’s Ganton & Larsen Prospect Winery has partnered with Rogers’ Chocolates to craft a new BC Icewine chocolate creation. Part of the historic BC Chocolatier’s 125th Anniversary celebrations, the pairing revels in the age-old artistries of chocolate and winemaking while unveiling something entirely new. Rogers’ Master Chocolatier Cornell Idu has created decadent Icewine Truffles and Icewine Bars using Prospect Winery’s The Lost Bars Vidal Icewine.

Rogers Chocolates

Rogers Tea Chocolates

I tasted my way through the evening sampling all the different chocolates and truffles and most enjoyed the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel’s Honey Truffles as well as the Rogers Icewine Truffles.

By: Richard Wolak