I recently visited this farm as the trees and flowers were just starting to blossom, the farm is located on the outskirts of Vancouver, the farm grows fruits and vegetables, producing jams, and wines. Patrick and Lee Murphy, the owner operators of the estate welcomed me on my arrival. Patrick (co-founder/owner) gave me a tour around the farm showing me the grape vines and explained the different varieties of grapes they grow and when they harvest their grapes for wine production, we walked around the property looking at the various fruit trees including apples, pears, plums, the walnut trees and then into the greenhouse to look at the Tomatoes and herbs.

Apple Trees

Grape Vines

Into the wine room for a great chat about how they produce their wines and the varieties they produce this was quite the fascinating talk. He showed me the big red bucket of brandy-macerated chopped green walnuts, this is the main ingredient in making their wonderful walnut wine, we smelled the vat which gave off an intense aroma. We held our wine glasses under the spout as young wine dribbled in the glasses so we could barrel taste these young wines. Vista D’oro’s wines are produced in small batches.

Wine Barrels

Afterwards I was greeted by Lee (co-founder/owner) who toured me around the shop to taste all of their homemade jams and other products. My favorite jam is their Turkish Fig and Walnut which is made with their own walnut wine. We both had a wonderful chat as well about their fruit and the products they make as Lee oversees the on-site kitchen that produces these fine products. Lee explained where the products are sold and shipped, this was also an interesting talk.

Wines in the Farmgate Shop

D’oro means ‘gold’ for those of you without a little Italian in your life but at Vista D’oro, The D’oro is an artisanally crafted, fortified port-style wine made with BC’s finest small lot vinifera. It is a blend of Marechal Foch, Merlot & Cabernet Franc married with the pressing off of Vista D’oro Green Walnuts from its macerating partner Okanagan Gamay Noir Brandy.

Jams in the Farmgate Shop

Vista D’oro Farms & Winery is dedicated to producing delicious handcrafted wines & artisanal preserves. The traditional techniques & old-world values that are used in their artisanal preserves are reflected in their winemaking methods. Their Farmgate Shop & Tasting Room offers their artisanal preserves, wines, orchard fruits, artisan cheese & many other local culinary delights in a beautiful farm setting.

Vista D’oro Farms & Winery is located at 20856 4th Ave in Langley, BC and you can contact them by phone at 604-514-3539 or visit their website at http://www.vistadoro.com

By: Richard Wolak