The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver leads the way in Moon Cake making with Pastry Chef Hans Pirhofer and Executive Chef Daryl Nagata who has been making their specialty Moon Cakes for the past few years. These Moon Cakes are unlike any you may have had before, these are made with all Canadian ingredients including Nk’Mip Late Harvest Riesling, Filburts, Walnuts, Quebec Maple Syrup, Fireweed Honey and other ingredients.

The Pan Pacific Vancouver has kept their Moon Cakes authentic in terms of crust and form, the Pan Pacific Vancouver Pastry Team has concocted fillings that showcase Canada’s bounty with ingredients including Ice Wine, filberts from Agassiz, sun-dried cranberries and dried Okanagan fruits and berries.

Pastry Chef Hans Pirhofer (L) & Executive Chef Daryl Nagata (R)

“We were one of the first teams in Canada to celebrate the bounty of our great land by using Canadian ingredients in making Moon Cakes,” says Daryle Nagata, Executive Chef of the Pan Pacific Vancouver. “From late harvest wines to regional fruits, berries and nuts, our Moon Cakes are an authentically Canadian representation of the Moon Cake.”

Moon Cakes are traditionally given to friends and family members as a token of friendship, longevity and good luck. The Pan Pacific Vancouver will present their unique Ice Wine Moon Cake to each guest at the Moon Festival Sunday Brunch, September 19.

Recipe for Moon Cakes


Pastry Flour 450g

Maple Syrup 140g

Honey          100g

Oil               125g

Water             8g


Lotus seed past 800g

Hazelnut             30g

Walnut               30g

Dried Fruits         60g

Ice wine              80ml

Dough Preparation:

Mix Maple syrup, Honey, Oil and Water than add all the liquid in to the flour mix by hand don’t over mix. Keep dough overnight in the refrigerator (easier to work with)

Roll dough 2mm thin cut out to fill the molds.

Filling preparation:

Mix all the ingredients together. And fill the dough with it.

Recipe courtesy of Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver.