Rob & Charlotte Lepp

The Fraser Valley is located to the East of Vancouver, the area is mostly a thriving Agriculture and farming community. A couple of weeks ago I visited one of these farms that began in 1948 by the Lepp family who had previously been Saskatchewan Grain Farmers.

Lepp Farm Market is the fulfillment of Rob’s passion for farming, and a long-held dream of being able to continue the tradition of a family-run farm. Rob knew the location of the property was ideal, but the timing had to be right. After learning of the 100 Mile Diet, and its common-sense approach to the advantages of eating local, the idea turned into a plan.

Corn Fields

For many years they were Hogg and cattle producers, today they primarily grow a variety of vegetables including Zucchini, green and yellow beans, corn, squash and pumpkins. Rob and Charlotte Lepp operate the farm and market, Charlotte gave me a tour around the market and outside in the fields. The main property is 60 acres and of that 45 acres is devoted to growing corn. Over 16 years ago they opened a corn stand on the corner to sell their fresh corn daily throughout the corn season and to this day it is one of the most popular stands in the area that people visit when in the area.

Last year they opened a large retail market on the property where they sell a large selection of meats, chicken, vegetables, fruits and dairy, many of these products are local and from the Fraser Valley area.

Getting there, Lepp Farms is located at 33955 Clayburn Road in Abbotsford, BC and is located approximately 1 hour by car from Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak