Music on Main presents the 10th Modulus Festival featuring moving and inspiring live performances at the Roundhouse and ANNEX in Vancouver, being held November 5-10, 2021.

Creating new connections through music is at the forefront of every Music on Main event. Past Modulus Festivals offered the opportunity to discover new musical horizons. Music on Main’s 10th Modulus Festival returns with even more discoveries, and we’re celebrating this milestone with new music and engaging conversations. Music on Main is thrilled to safely and warmly welcome audiences back to our first in-person festival since 2019.

Music on Main challenges audiences and artists to connect with their own thoughts and feelings – and with each other – during the Modulus Festival. At the 2021 Modulus Festival, you can discover live music, hear behind-the-scenes artist talks, and experience some of today’s freshest music. Highlights include Mark Takeshi McGregor (flute) with a programme including the world premiere of Keiko Devaux’s “Hōrai” along with music by Alfredo Santa Ana, James O’Callaghan, and Nicole Lizée. Create connections with your favourite musicians when The Tempest Project Company performs a world premiere by Alfredo Santa Ana. Experience moments of listening, together at a free family concert featuring young string quartets, and engage in more intimate moments during the hit production “As dreams are made” created specifically for one audience member and one musician.  Tribute concerts for the recently passed away musical legends Louis Andriessen and Frederic Rzewski offer audiences a chance to engage in the raw energy of music from the 1970s.

Whether you choose to attend one event or many, you’ll immerse yourself in vibrating, moving, and inspiring new music. Now more than ever, the chance to connect with yourself and others can lead to exciting new discoveries. And we can’t think of a better place to experience these engaging moments than at Music on Main’s 10th Modulus Festival.

Registration required for free events.

Featured artists and composers:

Adrian Muir | Alfredo Santa Ana | Aram Bajakian | As dreams are made | Aysha Dulong | Cedar Quartet | Chloe Kim | Cindy Kao | Colin MacDonald | Corey Hamm | Dailin Hsieh | James O’Callaghan | John Korsrud | Julia Chien | Julia Ulehla | Keiko Deveaux | Mark Takeshi McGregor | Nancy Tam | Nicole Lizée | Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa | Rebecca Mulvihill | Sabrina Schroeder | Saina Khaledi | Sapphire Haze | Sequoia String Quartet | The Tempest Project Company | and musical tributes to Louis Andriessen and Fredric Rzewski