Susan Sandler’s charming romantic comedy which is a must see before run ends, is on now through to February 11 at the Metro Theatre in Vancouver. With an incredible cast, the show stars Nina Tischhauser (Isabelle), Joan Koebel (Bubbie) who was phenomenal in her role, Helen Volkow (Hannah), Jon MacIntyre (Tyler), and Jonathan MacDonald (Sam).

The play explores the age old traditional roles of women as expressed by Bubbie, the loveable, feisty, sharp-witted grandma contrasted by the liberated options of present day women as explored by her granddaughter Izzy. When Bubbie and the matchmaker Hannah arrange a date for Izzy with a nice Jewish boy, Sam – the local pickle merchant, a generational and cultural clash erupts!

It is titled after a major thoroughfare running through a New York neighbourhood on the traditionally Jewish lower east side; and Uptown Manhattan on the other side. CROSSING DELANCEY oscillates between these two locations as we watch Izzy struggling to maintain her Uptown lifestyle while being lured back to the “old neighbourhood”  by her wily Bubbie.

Tickets can be reserved by calling the Box Office 604 266 7191 or purchased on line TICKETS.