Flamenco virtuoso Kasandra ‘La China’ leads Solo Flamenco, a showcase of flamenco in its purest traditional form – the cuadro – in the October edition of The Dance Centre’s popular Discover Dance! noon hour series. Comprising a dancer, singer, guitarist and percussionist, the cuadro provides the perfect setting for the spontaneous interactions and dazzling rhythmic conversations that flamenco is famed for. The combustible onstage chemistry, technical skill and shared musicality of these artists create a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the soul.

Kasandra ‘La China’ is one of Canada’s leading flamenco artists, well-known for her unrelenting drive to push the artistic envelope. In high demand as a solo performer, she has performed with international artists such as Sonidos Gitanos, Maria Bermudez, Manuel Gutierrez, Ricardo Lopez, Emilio Ochando, Gaspar Rodriguez and Daniel Jurado.  Kasandra founded Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy in 2002 with her mentor, Oscar Nieto, and is the choreographer and lead bailaora for the professional company, Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre. She has also worked extensively with local artists including Flamenco Rosario, Alma de Espana, Flamenco Vivo, and Flamenco Alcala. A dedicated and inspiring performer, she has appeared with the Vancouver International Dance Festival, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Flamenco Festival and at events all over BC. The Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble was formed in 2015 to create a high calibre group of local and international guest performers, which explores the art of the cuadro at the highest level. www.kasandraflamenco.com

Discover Dance! is a series showcasing diverse BC-based companies, presented by The Dance Centre. Details and tickets information can be found here.