Locals and visitors will have the opportunity not just to see, but to feel Vancouver come to life onstage, with performances of20.20.20 this September 24 -27 at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. A collaborative effort and co-presentation with Dancers Dancing and SFU Woodward’s, the show captures the vibrant atmosphere of urban Vancouver in all of its complexities, from a uniquely authentic lens.

Celebrating 20 years of working in Vancouver, choreographer  Judith Garay looks at 20 intersections in the city to set 20 dancers in motion inspired by interactions of  architecture, pigeons, overpasses, green spaces, mountain views, skateboards and especially the people – old and young. Contrast and contradiction drive the work to be physically exhilarating and thoughtful, pedestrian and emotionally charged.

The artists have dug their heels into the world of Vancouver, and are continuously collaborating to create the most authentic ambiance achievable. The artists have brought their experiences and observations back to studio, where it has been a process of utilizing pedestrian research and full body articulation to create beauty in otherwise mundane and overlooked aspects of city life.

As the team continues to organically replicate the city life to stage, they have been surprised in how the process is revealing Vancouver in its entire beautiful dichotomy. Contrasts keep resurfacing, like urban and green, rich and poor, young and old and the infamous weather that changes a sky of gray clouds to one of blinding sun. These balances reflect the ever-evolving city from day to day, and naturally begs for a creative portrayal of the city that is full of movement and life. What better medium then dance?

With music by Stefan Smulovitz, lighting by John Carter and costumes by Margaret Jenkins “20.20.20” will steer away from a traditional tour of Vancouver, instead providing multiple ways to emotionally experience the city in its full richness.

Tickets Available Online at www.sfuwoodwards.ca