For over two decades, the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival has brought to different stages of Vancouver a taste of typical Spanish culture, featuring one of the most iconic artistic styles that the Iberian Peninsula has to offer: Flamenco dancing. This year was no exception, and from the 17th until the 23rd of September, the festival brought attractive performances to enjoy.

Interestingly enough, this year’s shows included not only classic Flamenco performances. There were as well some other contemporary and international styles nicely blended with the Flamenco spirit of the show. Some of the influences that were showcased included tap and charleston dancing.

The roster was as varied as the mix of styles integrated in the festival. Ranging from internationally acclaimed dancers like Rosario Ancer and Monica Gabaldon, to spectacular Canadian talents like Myriam Allard, the shows did not lack at all in quality and variety. The performances were highly and nicely helped by talented musicians and singers, such as Hedi Graja, Eric Breton and Miguel Medina, along with guitarists like Victor Kolstee and Gareth Owen.

The Flamenco festival ran for about a week on different stages around the city, which included the Centro Flamenco on Alma Street, Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island, and Jazz Cellar on Broadway, which speaks volumes about the range and relevance that this annual event has reached. Having enjoyed great performances and a very high quality spectacle, I look forward to checking out this festival again next year.