Naming this play “Blind Date” resulted self explanatory. Indeed, the play is exactly about that: A blind date, and the different turns and flavours that it can take to either party.

Created and starred by Rebecca Northan, Blind Date is an unpredictable comedy, where the main character (a French woman with a thick accent and seducing personality named “Mimi”) will precisely do that – engage in a blind date. To create a blind date atmosphere, what can be better than a play without a script and without really knowing who the other party will be? With that in mind, “Mimi” will picks every night a male member of the audience as her date for the next 90 minutes – every night a different, random man. Then, she lets things flow from there (here is a bit of a warning to the male audience attending the show: If you come to the show, there is a risk you can be picked!)

As it can be expected, the play from that point on can take any course. Supported by a very basic script, simple props, a few but effective light and sound effects and a small cast of fringe characters, the show mostly relies on improvisation to create comedy on-the-spot that can escalate to frankly hilarious notes. Much of the hilarity of the show will rely on how much does the unfortunate (or fortunate?) male chosen randomly chosen by “Mimi” as co-star of the night engage in the jokes and situations that he will be led to by Rebecca Northan’s spontaneity and sense of humour. Despite of the spontaneous and improvised nature of the show, the play always remains under control of Mimi, who will lead her date and immerse him in her ways to make him a prominent and active part of the show.

Rebecca Northan offers a great example of contemporary improvised theatre in this show, which has received well deserved acknowledgements for her style and dynamics, such as Best Comedic play and Best Female improviser at the 2012 Canadian Comedy Awards. I recommend checking out this hilarious play, and maybe doing so a couple of times at least because each and every single performance night is different, unique and very unpredictable – even for the actors themselves!

Blind Date is running from September 18 until October 7 at The Cultch, on 1895 Venables Street.