As you know I had the spent the weekend of July 13-15, 2012 eating my way around the food court and other eateries on site at the Vancouver Folk Music Fest. What you may not know is that I also spent part of the weekend eating on the other side so to speak. The other side is what I have dubbed eating behind the scenes, this is where approx. 1500 volunteers, musicians and staff were fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the weekend. This was my first time on the other side and on first glance, it looked like a fancy version of a commissary at an army camp. Here the army of  volunteers in the kitchen included the head chefs which were in command, along with their team leaders who were there to serve the lineup of people at each of the meals. Personally, I experienced command control amongst the head chefs and would have preferred a dash of friendliness and an occasional smile, these chefs took their jobs in the utmost seriousness.

On the food side of the operation , each meal was very, very well organized. From Friday dinner through the weekend ending with Sunday dinner. Each meal was made from scratch, all home-made on site in the kitchen. For anyone who wanted to know the ingredients in each of the meals, there was a handbook available that described each dish at each meal listing all of the ingredients. For Friday night dinner 400 pounds of fresh salmon fed everyone. I took part in Saturday dinner having the chicken with vegetables and rice. My friend Eddy had the vegetable curry dinner which I tasted and preferred over the other. Saltspring Coffee was served at teach meal throughout the weekend.

Eating on the other side is one of the perks for volunteers at the festival. To volunteer for next years festival, contact their office well in advance.