Regina Carter and The Reverse Thread Project

Regina’s performance was one of my favourite concerts held during MusicFest Vancouver. I saw her close to sell out performance at the Vogue Theatre on August 8th when she performed with her ensemble The Reverse Thread Project.

The 2nd song that she performed in her set was Artesia which originated in Mali and was very good. Regina’s newest release, Reverse Thread, blends the exquisite sound of Regina’s violin with the kora (West African harp) and accordion. Kora virtuoso Lamin Kuyateh was brought on board to help recreate the spirit of passing stories from generation to generation and he was part of the project in this concert. The result is unlike anything previously heard; a haunting and beautiful compliment to Regina’s sumptuously seductive violin.

Regina Carter

Her melodies were wonderful and she played music for almost 3 hours, it is no wonder she has been lauded as one of the finest  violinists of her generation, Regina Carter captures both the essence and allure of hypnotically beautiful African folk melodies through a lens of contemporary interpretation.