Executive Chef David Wong - Fairmont Pacific Rim ORU

Endive is widely grown and eaten in Europe as the average person there eats 10 whole endives a year. On June 22nd I attended the Endive Gala held at ORU in the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, here I learned a whole lot about Endive. In Canada there is only one farm that grows Endive for all of Western Canada and Canadians only consume 6 Endive leaves per year.

Kobe Beef Sliders with Endive

There was a variety of Endive inspired food that was created by Chef David Wong and drink served during the gala tasting, I tasted almost all the appetizers and came away with these favourites: Endive Salad, Kobe Beef Sliders with Endive, Diver Down Cocktail Endive inspired martini and the Endive Tartarin for dessert.

Endive Salad

Something unique and different wet my appetite before tasting the appetizers, this Endive inspired martini called the Diver Down Cocktail was not only tasty, it was created by Fairmont Pacific Rim Mixologist Kent Rock.

Diver Down Cocktail

I expect Endive awarness to increase over the coming year as everyone learns more and more about this vegetable, more info can be had at www.endive.ca

By: Richard Wolak