Proprietor | Woollaston Estates in Nelson, New Zealand

What is your favorite savoury food paired with your Pinot Noir wine?

Morrocan Lamb

What is your favorite dessert paired with your Pinot Noir wine?


How long have you been involved in the wine industry?

One year

What do you most love about the wine industry?

The people that I work with on the vineyard, being hands on is great, I really like working in the vineyard, pruning, and hand picking the grapes.

Who are some of your mentors? What have you learned from them?

The casual laborers at the vineyard as well as the Vinoculturist who all have taught me about what they do and the wine industry.

Where do like to go for wine travel?  Why?

1) Oregon wineries is my favorite for varietal and Pinot Noir 2) Napa 3) Sonoma

What is your philosophy on food and wine?

I love all food and wine.

What are the top wines we would find in your cellar?

Ata Rangi – New Zealand White

Neudorf – New Zealand White

By: Richard Wolak