The Ice Gate

The Ice Gate is one of the Richmond O Zone’s big attractions for the 2010 Olympics and I was there for the public opening February 9th. With a blast of sound and sight from 80 Sunshine Coast dancers, that was matched only by the array of colours on show on the actual frozen wall itself.

Gordon Halloran (center) -- Designer

Gordon Halloran’s Ice Gate, a spectacular ice art installation, and the City of Richmond’s official celebration site for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Presented by Inniskillin Wines, Ice Gate is a mammoth wall of painted ice, stretching 30 metres in length and nearly four metres in height.

A Sunshine Coast artist, Gordon Halloran’s unique Paintings Below Zero have won him international acclaim. His works have drawn hundreds of thousands to special exhibitions in Toronto and Chicago and the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Halloran met Inniskillin Wines founder Donald Ziraldo in Torino, and the mutual reliance on ice for their respective crafts led to a connection. This resulted in Halloran’s artwork being featured on the Inniskillin Commemorative Icewine and Inniskillin’s Sponsorship of Ice Gate.

Inniskillin Ice Wines

Inniskillin Icewine Gallery

The Inniskillin Icewine Gallery was officially opened along with the launch of the Ice Gate. The Icewine Gallery is housing two 36-foot tasting bars constructed to resemble ice. Screens are playing videos showing the magic of crafting Icewine, and samples of Inniskillin Icewine are also available.

By: Richard Wolak