Tag: Brunch

Interview with Joe Leary

Joe graduated from Killarney High School in Vancouver, and had his sights set on being a radio DJ from a young age. He began his professional radio career in 1977, then moved to television (at UTV) in 1994. Columbia Academy...

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Interview with Max Reimer

Max is the Artistic Managing Director of the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company, he is also an actor, dancer and event producer. I have attended many of his theatrical productions over the past couple of years. He recently...

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Interview with Bramwell Tovey

Bramwell Tovey is a Grammy Award winning conductor, composer and performer. I chatted with Bramwell Tovey over a wonderful brunch at Provence Marinaside Restaurant in Vancouver. GRAMMY® Award winning conductor Bramwell Tovey’s...

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Interview with Mackenzie Gray

Mackenzie Gray is a Canadian film, television, and stage actor. I chatted with Mackenzie Gray over a wonderful brunch at Market by Jean-Georges in the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver. A professional actor for over 30 years, he has...

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Interview with Peter Klein

Peter Klein is a TV Producer, Documentary Filmmaker and Acting Director of the School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia. I chatted with Peter Klein over Brunch at Fleuri Restaurant in Vancouver while eating a...

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